Business Opportunity in Little Rock, Arkansas

Business Opportunity in Little Rock, Arkansas!

We are actively seeking a like-minded partner to open America’s Mattress mattress stores in Little Rock this year! With nearly 300 locations open in the United States, America’s Mattress is a time-tested business opportunity with a proven brand and message that will resonate with those who call Little Rock home!

With a retail mattress market of over $30 million annually, the area is ripe for a high-quality mattress store focused on customer satisfaction. We can help you be that solution with start-up costs of about $80,000 per store and no large upfront fees or on-going monthly royalties like you have with franchises. Our program provides the tools and resources you’d expect from a franchise system, without any franchise fees or royalties! In fact, America’s Mattress invests alongside you in the design and build-out of each store and provides ongoing advertising support for the life of the business!

Why Little Rock Needs You

  • Estimated retail mattress sales for 2019 is over $32 million
  • Customer options are limited to two national mattress store chains, regional furniture stores, and a few smaller, local stores
  • Marketing channels, including digital and traditional options, are relatively affordable
  • Central Arkansas is the fastest growing area in the state with a growth rate estimated at 2% per year. The area is expected to continue growing at a slow-but-steady pace as the younger generations move into the more urban areas of Little Rock!
  • Consumer-Centric Store Design

    Engage your shoppers in our fun, educational sales process

  • Ongoing Advertising Co-Op

    We’ll help you spread the word about your new store

  • Dedicated Support Team

    We’ll guide you through the entire launch process and beyond!

  • No Royalties or Franchise Fees

    Seriously. None.

  • Vendor Programs

    Partners and tools to set your business up for success

Are you ready to learn more about starting an America’s Mattress?

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