Training & Support

The America's Mattress program combines the strength and buying power of a national network with your local community connections. At America's Mattress, our goals are the same as yours: the success and growth of your local business! Our program is designed to help you capture more market share more quickly and more profitably than you would on your own.

  • Proprietary Sleep Simple® Store Design

    Engage your shoppers in our fun, educational sales process

  • Ongoing Advertising Co-Op

    We'll spread the word about your new store

  • Dedicated Support Team

    We'll guide you through the entire launch process

  • No Royalties or Franchise Fees


  • Vendor Programs

    Partners and tools to set your store up for success

Benefits of the America's Mattress Program

As an America's Mattress retailer, you are provided your own section of which is easily managed by you! The site provides you with the SEO value of national web traffic, completely localized content, along with e­commerce functionality tied directly to your accounts.

Proprietary Sleep Simple® Store Design and Sales Process

More than just flooring and paint color scheme, the Sleep Simple store design and coordinating sales process was created to differentiate America's Mattress in the local market and offer a comfortable and simple process that will be enjoyable to every customer.


Instead of building a brand position entirely on your own, you are provided with over 20 complete and pre­formatted campaigns, all using professionally designed assets under the America's Mattress brand. All templates are modular for easy customization and cover TV, print, and online formats.

Up-front and Ongoing Consultative Support

The dedicated support team will work with you through the launch process (location scouting, floor planning, setting financial targets, creating a media strategy tied to the budget, creating the compensation plan best for your business are just a few examples). They will continue to play a consultative role in your business to help ensure targets are being hit and, if not, why not and what can be adjusted to make it happen!

Dedicated Support Team

In additional to the local support team which will include a Territory and District Manager specific to your area, you will be supported by members of the Retail Concepts Group specifically focused on growth and development of the America's Mattress brand. The team is there to support you from launch through operation on making to help ensure you have the best opportunity to capture as much market share as possible as quickly as possible, while being as profitable as possible!

Store Opening Support

In addition to the human capital and outside resources that will be available to help you get started, we also provide some significant investments made in store planning, proprietary fixtures and point-­of­-purchase materials, signage, and more to help ease some of the cash flow burden that can come along with opening a new store.

Financing Buy­Downs

To help the America's Mattress retailers advertise and promote at a competitive level with national and regional retailers, we buy down the cost to the owners of consumer financing ­ significantly ­ for the major bedding holidays.

Ongoing Advertising Co-Op

Once the store is open, there is a strong cooperative advertising program that will be applied to your account. For most of your mattresses purchased at wholesale, a percentage of each will be placed in your co­op “bank”. That bank will be available to you to receive back in the form of merchandise credits to offset advertising costs. The percentages you will receive as an America's Mattress exceed those you would receive as an independent retailer.

Exclusive Product Lines

The America's Mattress and Dr. Greene lines provide an America's Mattress owner with two complete lines within the store that are 100% exclusive to the America's Mattress network. This allows for greater flexibility in merchandising as well as a stronger ability to protect margin since the products cannot be cross-­shopped within the market.

Preferred Vendor Programs

For select services, we have partnered with premier vendors in key support areas ­ working with companies that specialize in areas that help our network grow more effectively and efficiently than if we were all independent retailers. We have partnerships with solutions for consumer financing, point­-of­-sale systems, real estate selection and negotiation, search engine marketing, and more.

Exclusive America’s Mattress Territory

Your territory as an America's Mattress owner will be written into your agreement, ensuring that no other America's Mattress retailers will open in your development area while development timelines and targets are achieved.

All Programs at NO Cost with NO Royalties or Franchise Fees

While the benefits above cover most of the highlights, all of the features and benefits listed come at no additional cost to you! The long­term profitable Serta­-exclusive partnership is how we generate our return on investment, so the only way we grow is quite literally by helping our retailers each increase their business! There are no up­front or ongoing franchise fees and no royalties for the America's Mattress program. Ever.