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Why America's Mattress?

Franchising can be overwhelming. That’s why we changed the model. We offer an opportunity to invest in a trusted name brand, with national exposure and dedicated sales support. No fees, no complexities, and all the tools and resources you need for success. It’s simple. It’s better. Just ask our growing network of more than 300 stores and gallery locations across the country.

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Why Own A Mattress Store?

Over the last 20 years, the specialty sleep shop channel has more than doubled its market share. Today, 47% (Furniture|Today September 2015) of mattresses sold in the US are sold in specialty sleep shops—the leading retail distribution model in the industry for nearly 10 years

  • Proprietary Sleep Simple® Store Design

    Engage your shoppers in our fun, educational sales process

  • Ongoing Advertising Co-Op

    We'll spread the word about your new store

  • Dedicated Support Team

    We'll guide you through the entire launch process

  • No Royalties or Franchise Fees


  • Vendor Programs

    Partners and tools to set your store up for success


What about local Competition?

As you look across the landscape of mattress retail, it can seem as overwhelming as the mattress selection process in some of the stores themselves! That’s why we have simplified not only the in-store design and process for the customer, but also the business model itself; all to help our updated America’s Mattress store format stand out from the crowd! From the provided web presence and branded advertising templates to real estate selection, we’re with you every step of the way to help you achieve your market share goals in the over $14 billion per year retail mattress industry.