How it Works

We make getting started (and beyond) easy!

If we were only looking for partners that have an extensive background in owning and operating mattress stores, we never would have made it to where we are today!  Knowing that everyone has a different set of life- and business-skills, we’ve designed our program to help you open your business and start capturing market share quickly and more profitably than you would on your own.  We provide many of the same benefits and assistance you’d expect from a traditional franchise – but without any of the fees or royalties!

Centralized Website

We provide a national website with local customization at no cost to you.  The site provides you with the SEO value of national web traffic but with your stores’ specific content, plus e-commerce functionality to take advantage of customers that want to purchase online without stepping through your doors.

Consumer-Centric Retail Experience

More than just flooring and paint color schemes, our store design is a complete retail experience—from the moment they enter the store and experience our “Sleep Simple” discovery system, their experience will be unlike anything else in your market.

Business Consultation

The dedicated support team will work with you through the launch process (location scouting, floor planning, setting financial targets, creating a media strategy tied to the budget, creating the compensation plan best for your business are just a few examples). They will continue to play a consultative role in your business to help ensure targets are being hit and, if not, why not and what can be adjusted to make it happen!

Financial Support

In addition to the store fixtures and additional assistance, we continue to invest in growing your business for years to come.  To help drive traffic, we subsidize long-term financing costs during the major bedding holidays and provide a cooperative advertising  program that reimburses a portion of your branded advertising expenses.


Each America’s Mattress owner operates within an exclusive territory (usually one or more counties) where they won’t compete against another America’s Mattress store.  This allows our partners to share best practices and ideas without worrying about losing business to each other.  We also offer exclusive America’s Mattress products only available to our partners, allowing you to merchandise them at a higher margin because they can’t be found elsewhere!

No Royalties or Franchise Fees – EVER!

In a traditional franchise system, similar benefits are provided through initial franchising fees and on-going royalties—but not in the America’s Mattress program!  The long-term profitable exclusive relationship between our partners and Serta Simmons Bedding is how we generate our return on investment—so the only way we grow is if we help you succeed!