Our History

It began with a simple idea…

What if, instead of confusing customers by offering a myriad of brands and models, Serta partnered with the retailer and together they focused on growing their over-all business with a carefully curated selection?  After testing the theory, we found that it worked – customers found that finding their perfect mattress was easier and the businesses grew, which meant they sold more Serta mattresses – it was a win for everyone!

In the years since, we’ve grown in many ways – not only in the number of stores and independent owners that have joined our network, but also in the support we provide them.  In addition to start-up assistance, we’ve grown our staff to include business consultants that help our owners with everything from merchandising and advertising to complete business analysis.

Today, the America’s Mattress network boasts over 100 independent business owners with over 200 stores and is the 15th largest bedding retailer in the US.  While we, and the entire industry, have seen many changes over the years, our strategy remains the same: we grow our business by growing our partners’ businesses!